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The project “Under the Bridge” is a hard look at the obscured realities of homelessness, cutting through society's blind spots to highlight the struggles of approximately 154 million individuals globally. The images captured are echoes from Medellin, Colombia, 2016, during my time with an NGO aiding those in need, acting as a bridge between the marginalized and the seats of power. Each frame unveils a face of capitalism often left unseen – the economic disparities that push many into homelessness.


This endeavor serves as a call for awareness and recognition of the presence, resilience, and plight of these individuals. As an artist, my mission is to expose the raw, overlooked narratives, amplifying muted voices to inspire societal change. Through this journey into the heart of the city and its shadows, this project illuminates the resilience of

humanity, sparking conversations to orchestrate transformation.


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