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I could say that this project was cowardice disguised as a social experiment, but not a waste of time, it was worth it to grow, learn, cope, and live. The truth is Vicky isn’t just a photography project, Vicky is me, she is my fears, of relating, of being hurt, of being alone. Vicky was the perfect complement to one of my life’s trips, the decision to see the world alone, as a woman, without a high budget,just to live the real experience.

Vicky was the excuse to interact with people along the way; by asking those people to give her or teach her something, to later photograph her with these

things, here I must say that I learned that all the encounters leave their mark,but not all of them are good; and that all people have something to offer, but you don’t always have to accept it. Vicky was the excuse to face my fears, the fear of being a woman alone and brave, the fear of danger, the fear of taking out the camera in the street, have to say, in some pictures, this last fear is more evident.Vicky was the excuse to move on, to move from one city to another one, to pursue adventures, and to find out what’s to come… Vicky, my non-living doll,taught me how to survive.



Doll with a colorful braid against a dark background, exuding elegance
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